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1 review
I get buffalo chicken pizza here all the time and its pretty good for being practically right outside my apartment building. They never give me the blue cheese though, which I find upsetting, and I realize I could just ask for it but I mean thats difficult so why would I.


1 review
I was pleasantly surprised with the portions, price, and service. Not to mention, the fresh ingredients in the subs. I kind of hate iceberg lettuce, which they don't use. :) Everything tasted great and the delivery guy was extremely friendly. I'm happy. Five stars!


1 review
I love UHOP I work as a Dispatcher so I cant leave to get food, UHOP is always there for ya boy! And the delivery person is always nice and talks with me for a few minutes.

Anything you write in the comments the cooks will try and do for you, Go UHOP!


2 reviews
I have ordered from this place a few times now and each time they have been delicious and hot. Great pizza place in Boston, their pizza is not sloppy its cooked to have the perfect crust, it comes nice and hot and their delivery driver is friendly.


3 reviews
Great service, great food! Ive been going for years but have developed an allergy to animal products and their selection was great and the food was better than I expected. They are always on point, I love them. Been going to them for 4+ years

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Calzones, Greek, Hamburgers, Pizza, Subs, Wraps
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We love our job and we love cooking for you. Everything in our store is fresh; fresh dough, fresh cut produce, and all natural meats. 1% real cheese and % transfat oils. Delicious food and great prices. Fast and friendly delivery service.